Concept for Business Seminars and In-company Training

Our concept is straightforward - we offer tailor-made training delivered by English native speakers (who also speak German). We equip you with the communication, management and intercultural skills necessary to flourish in an increasingly global market. Our seminars and coaching enable you to work and operate more effectively in English.pyramid-of-purpose1

The benefits of this are twofold: you develop a management communication skill whilst improving your language competence. This maximises your return on both time and money invested. The take-away value for you as a participant is further increased by our use of communicative task-based learning.

We provide you with job-relevant input throughout the course but more importantly we ensure that you have opportunities to practise your skills and also receive constructive, individualised feedback. We utilise scenario techniques, whereby you draw on the skills learned during the seminar in order to carry out communicative tasks in a realistic setting.